What is a silvana?

Silvanas are what I like to call a distant cousin of macarons. It is a sandwich of two cashew meringue wafers that is filled with flavored buttercream and coated with cookie crumbs, nuts, dried fruits, etc. It is best served frozen for the extra crunch or chilled for a chewy texture. Best paired with a cup of coffee or a tea.

Every month we will offer different flavors from our selection of more than 20 flavors. Here's what we have so far (and more to come):

All time favorite:

Original * Ube * Matcha Green Tea Pistachios * Cookies n' Cream


Ferrero Rocher-ish * Mocha * Pastillas de Leche * Raffaello Wannabe * Rocky Road *  Salted Caramel Nuts Medley * White Chocolate Macadamia * Bacon Bits


Banana * Blueberry * Coconut * Mango * Pina Colada * Raspberry * Strawberry


Candy Cane Crush * Manzanas Y Castanas * Strawberry Champagne * Puto Bumbong * Pumpkin Spiced


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